Rose Zita Falko
Singer Songwriter
Sonic Landscapes dressed in Western Noir melodies
Falko wears it well


Rose Zita Falko grew up and lives in Melbourne, Australia. Her early life was surrounded by singing, poetry and literature and this fuelled a passion to further explore the world of music. This journey has been a tapestry of exciting and eclectic opportunities with the focus now firmly resting on singing and songwriting. Her involvement at the DAG Songwriting Retreat co-writing with the likes of Felicity Urquhart and Kevin Bennett, was followed by a successful east coast summer tour with Kelly Brouhaha and Andrew Thomson and a series of vibrant performances at the unique Tamworth Country Music Festival. Most recently, she attended REO rafting songwriters retreat in Canada where she was mentored by the likes of Bonnie Hayes (Bonnie Raitt, Cher and Billy Idol) and Matty Benbrook (Dido, Paolo Nutini, Faithless, Bobby Buzini). She was lucky enough to co-write with international artists such as Bobby Buzini and Nick Howe. Back in her home town, there's been time to support Jen Mize and Mark Sholtez, co-write with Gretta Ziller and successfully launch her debut EP, Original Son. To top this year Rose Zita Falko has just announced a 2018 national tour ‘Roadshow Deluxe Tour’ alongside Ben Mastwyk and Mitch Power.

There is no archetypal Rose Zita Falko song, her songs range from a quiet soulful meander through to upbeat toe-tapping sing-alongs. As a solo artist Rose Zita Falko continues to expand her music vision by planning her next project, an album, further co-writing ventures and live performances. When asked about her songwriting, she reveals that her songs come from a place of dedication to the love of poetry, a love of melody and from a place of trust in the art of improvisation whether it is working with a song for a day or over many years.

Her first music project is a collection of songs that explores the concept of loneliness and what that looks like in the alternate guises of gratitude and resentment. The songs are steeped in big picture story telling intertwined with heartfelt reflection. These are songs that you can quietly sit with and ponder on, or stamp your feet wildly and clap to, but most importantly, relate to. Original Son is an EP of unique songs written by Rose Zita Falko and a special co-write with Felicity Urquhart (Old Memory), with accompaniment from Emilio Kormanich (electric guitar), Jason Vorherr (guitar, bass and backing vocals ), Peter Maslen (drums and percussion), Adrian Whitehead (keys and guitar) and masterfully pulled together by Steve Vertigan (producer and engineer).

‘Heavenly Father’ left me still, silent and overwhelmed. I will always remember sitting in a caravan with Rose when she played me this song on her guitar. Every now and then a true artiste brings a sound and attitude that is alluring and knowing. Rose has many skills and uses them subtly but when you least expect it her playful vocal demands every bit of your attention, much like a young KD Lang. Poetic, poised, and powerful - I’m a fan.

Felicity Urquhart
Host of Saturday Night Country (ABC Radio)
Talent Development Project
Channel 7 Sydney Weekender Presenter